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Tourism Card

Get your prepaid SIM !


What is the tourism card ?

It is a prepaid mobile plan from the Mobilis network, intended for travellers.

onvenient and easy to use, the "Tourism Card" was designed to help you throughout your stay. Valid for 3 months, you can recharge it as many times as necessary to share all your adventures with your loved ones !

  • I can call local and international phone numbers.
  • I can send text messages to local and international phone numbers.
  • I can access the Internet on my smartphone.

Where to buy my tourism card ?

how do i use my tourism card ?

1To activate my sim card (calls & txt)

2To access to my mobile internet credit :

Your internet volume will not be deferred beyond the validation date (3, 5 or 7 days).

*The credit is insufficient for accessing. A « Liberté » recharge card is required to operate.

**Remember to check the access point name (APN) on your phone (settings > mobile networks and tap « IM »).

To get card account balance information :

To check your balance on
calls and SMS :


To check your balance on
Mobile Internet

Send "IM3" to

3To recharge my sim card :

Buy a « Liberté » recharge card
for 1 050 F, 3 150 F or 5 250 F
in a point of sale
(eg : OPT agencies, cell phone stores,
patrol stations, newsagents

or I recharge it online on :

Scratch off the grey PIN
cover label on the back of
the « Liberté » recharge card.
A series of numbers will appear.

Call 1088, Option 2,
type in the series of
numbers of your
recharge « Liberté » card.

The credit of
your SIM card
is recharged !