Tourism Card

Get your prepaid SIM !


What is the tourism card ?

It is a prepaid mobile plan from the Mobilis network, intended for travellers.

It comes in the form of an all-in-one kit that includes :

  • A SIM card with a Caledonian number
  • A user guide translated into French, English and Japanese
  • An ejector pin to help inserting the new SIM card

onvenient and easy to use, the "Tourism Card" was designed to help you throughout your stay. It contains the necessary information for its use and comes in the shape of a pouch allowing you to store the SIM card of your usual operator. Valid for 3 months, you can recharge it as many times as necessary to share all your adventures with your loved ones !

  • I can call local and international phone numbers.
  • I can send text messages to local and international phone numbers.
  • I can access the Internet on my smartphone.

Where to buy my tourism card ?

how do i use my tourism card ?

1To activate my sim card (calls & txt)

2To access to my mobile internet credit :

Your internet volume will not be deferred beyond the validation date (3, 5 or 7 days).

*The credit is insufficient for accessing. A « Liberté » recharge card is required to operate.

**Remember to check the access point name (APN) on your phone (settings > mobile networks and tap « IM »).

To get card account balance information :

To check your balance on
calls and SMS :


To check your balance on
Mobile Internet

Send "IM3" to

3To recharge my sim card :

Buy a « Liberté » recharge card
for 1 050 F, 3 150 F or 5 250 F
in a point of sale
(eg : OPT agencies, cell phone stores,
patrol stations, newsagents

or I recharge it online on :

Scratch off the grey PIN
cover label on the back of
the « Liberté » recharge card.
A series of numbers will appear.

Call 1088, Option 2,
type in the series of
numbers of your
recharge « Liberté » card.

The credit of
your SIM card
is recharged !